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You are totally free to not insure your residential property except it is being financed and you still have a mortgage on it. But in spite of this you will agree with me that folks still prefer to maintain a home insurance policy even after they have paid off their mortgage. For most of us, our home is our single most important investment and/or property. Therefore, we certainly don’t mind the extra expense that buying protection against its loss entails.

But we all will be glad to pay much less if the quality of coverage we get won’t be compromised. I’ll show you how to do just that with tested and useful tips you could use to ensure you get the most adequate home insurance coverage at the best cost you can get it.

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This implies that you’ll pay a lot less on home insurance. No matter what you do and who you get in contact with, remember that the only things you insure are things that can be stolen or damaged and your land is not one of such.

You will pay far less if you maintain a good credit history. Keeping bad credit rating means that you will pay higher rates. If your credit rating is bad then you’ve been missing important payments. This is a behavior that most insurance providers believe will again again in the way you handle your premiums. Note, this in particular makes you a high risk customer and therefore will make you spend much more than others with the same profile as yours but has an excellent rating.

Now, knowing that your poor credit rating affects your premium rate, it would be a wise decision to take some steps in order to make your credit rating a better one. You’ll get cheaper rates if you do.

Secondly, how do you pay your premiums? montyly or yearly? if you have been paying your premiums monthly, it is advisable that you switch to the long periond method-annually. The reason is because posting twelve payment notices by mail each month, costs your insurance company a lot.

Furthermore, every check they get also attracts its own transaction charge. Which means that your insurers would be paying transaction fees twelve times in a year instead of once annually for monthly payments. Believe it or not, these additional expenses are later added to your rates.

Hope you seen the reason why you’ll get cheaper premiums if you decide to pay your premiums annually. The real amount you could save may differ but expect to save up to a month’s premium worth with some insurance companies if you choose this option.

Also, ensure the exterior of your home is completely safe from fire and you will attract cheaper rates. Having inflammable things close to your home apartment will definitely result to unavoidable high rates. Even though cutting bushes around your house looks mundane, you will get lower premiums if you do keep them at a distance of at least 10 feet from your building. Fire-safety is a major factor that strongly affects your premium rate.

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