Tips you should know before Getting Car insurance in Huntsville

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Tips you should know before Getting Car insurance in Huntsville

There are many ways to purchase it’s as easy as buying a new car or looking for an insurance company or broker, but there are also many things that you should understand and consider before looking and deciding to purchase car insurance, especially if you are new to the city and used to the normal insurance policies such as the no fault system. Some provinces in Canada, do not have a no fault system policy, which is why it gets pretty confusing.

First of all things, you must always be aware of the policies that insurance companies enforce, what are the reasons behind it and why they are strict with it before you look for a car insurance that you want to purchase for yourself.

Here are some useful pointers and facts that you should know before purchasing car insurance in Huntsville:

  • “What is car insurance and what does it cover”? – Car insurance in plain terms is responsible for ensuring yours and your passenger’s safety when you encounter a collision or serious accident. There are also different types of coverage for car insurance that normally insurance companies will cover, and those are mainly: liability coverage, medical expenses and property damage. There are also other kinds of insurance coverage that you can purchase separately and can be added to your other list of coverage, such as collision and comprehensive. But all drivers in Canadian provinces and cities are required by law to purchase a minimum coverage of liability and third party insurance coverage, because accidents can happen anytime, and without these can result in court cases.


  • “What is a no fault policy”? –  A no fault policy comes in handy IF your city has this insurance system enforced. Luckily, Huntsville is considered a NO FAULT Insurance province. This may sound exciting to some people because it would have to mean that even if you get into a serious accident, and your vehicle is severely damaged along with the passengers who are seriously injured, it would mean that no one is at fault and will automatically be paid reimbursement. Unfortunately, in Huntsville, it means the exact opposite. It actually means that whenever you encounter an accident, it will still have to go through the normal process in determining who is at fault, the only difference is in how the reimbursement will be granted to the person who is responsible for the damages.  In normal and conventional insurance policies when you say no fault system, it usually means that there will be no person at fault and the insurance companies will go right ahead and grant you with reimbursement to focus on the repairs for your damaged vehicle.


  • “Are there banks that cover car insurance?” – As a matter of fact, Yes. When you purchase a brand new car for the first time, depending on the bank that you are working with and the offers that they have for that specific month, they will usually throw in a years worth of car insurance. After your first year of free car insurance, you will have the option to renew this with either the bank or your chosen insurance company.

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